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for advancement. Bashagha tried to enter Tripoli soon after he was appointed in March but pro-Dbeibah factions blocked his convoy. He tried again in May, but left Tripoli after a brief shootout. As the months passed, alliances and coalitions among the Tripoli factions shifted as both Dbeibah and Bashagha tried to court key players. On the streets of Tripoli, armed forces rubbed up against each other’s territory. When fighting erupted between two groups on Friday night, factions aligned with Bashagha began mounting what looked like coordinated attacks in a new effort to install him in the capital. But the move failed, apparently leaving Dbeibah more firmly entrenched. What are the chances of a political deal? The powerful eastern faction of Haftar and parliament speaker Aguila Saleh has shown little willingness to compromise on its goal of removing Dbeibah and installing Bashagha. However, with Bashagha seeming unable to build a coalition of western factions that can install him in Tripoli, they may have to think again. Turkey’s continued military presence around Tripoli, where it maintained air bases with drones after helping fend off the eastern assault in 2020, means another Haftar offensive against the capital looks very unlikely for now. A car burns in the street during clashes in Tripoli, Libya as faction-fighting ensued across the weekend. Some politicians have raised the idea of another attempt to form a new government that all sides can accept — something Dbeibah would likely try

Official Alexis arguello nicaraguense shirt

to block. Meanwhile, diplomacy has stalled and agreement on how to hold elections as a lasting solution to Libya’s political disputes looks further away than ever. International efforts to broker an agreement have been hampered by disagreement among the countries involved and among local factions that many Libyans believe want to avoid elections in order to hang on to power. Many of Libya’s population of nearly 7 million fear that means that however the next period of negotiations and positioning play out, it will only be followed by another outbreak of violence. How does it affect Libya’s oil? Control over revenues from Libya’s main export, its oil output of up to 1.3 million barrels per day, has long been the biggest prize for all the main political and military factions. Groups have repeatedly shut down output before as a tactic to put pressure on the government in Tripoli, where all foreign oil sales revenue is channeled into the central bank through international agreements. Libya’s oil industry is in disarray right when the world needs

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it more than ever Forces aligned with Haftar, whose sway extends across much of the territory that includes main oil fields and export terminals, have been responsible for the biggest shutdowns in recent years. The last shutdown, which reduced exports by about half, ended when Dbeibah replaced the National Oil Corporation head with an ally of Haftar — a move some saw as an effort to court the eastern commander and make him more open to a political deal. That may be enough to stop another shutdown while pro-Bashagha factions work out their next move. But with Libya’s political tangle so far from resolution, there seems little likelihood that oil exports will stay untouched for very long. PAID CONTENT A California Home That Was Once Hauled Across the San Francisco Bay Lists for Nearly $12 Million Musician’s Resort-Sized Canadian Retreat Heads to Auction Without Reserve Mansion Global Forget manual toothbrushes – This is the future! V-iWhite Smart ToothBrush Retired general explains Putin’s strategy with Zaporizhzhia World GOP ex-lawmaker says Trump gave Democrats a gift with speech Politics Unsold Cruise Cabins (Take a Look at the Prices) Crusie Deals | Sponsored The banana island is a billionaire’s paradise. Mansion Global Paid Content Simon Cowell Loses on Beverly Hills Mansion Sale Mansion Global Porsche-Designed Superyacht, Royal Falcon One, Hits the Market Mansion Global Discover How People In Vietnam Are Keeping Mosquitoes Away (It’s… Moskinator Pro Nha Trang: Physiotherapists Are Impressed by This Breakthrough… GadgetReviewer.org More from In Ukraine, Russia’s strength is artillery. Here’s how it could… US Navy is developing directed energy systems to counter… Ukraine’s Marta Kostyuk chooses not to shake hands with… US to return $23 million looted by late dictator Abacha to… More From American Frances Tiafoe upsets Rafael Nadal in 4th round of US… Kenya’s President-elect William Ruto accepts win with ‘humility’ Paid Content Sale of Mountaintop Home Outside of Scottsdale, Arizona, Sets Record Mansion Global A Centuries-Old Villa in Montenegro That Hasn’t Been on the Market Since World War II Mansion Global This Revolutionary Shaver Has Perfect Results Without the Need of Shaving Cream! rakvel-qinux.com SPONSORED CONTENT [Pics] This Is What Stars Looks Like As The Opposite Gender Restwow

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