Teerenzaus – Destroy Boys Duck shirt

One of Off-White creative director Virgil Abloh’s final projects was the creation of a beauty collection that could correspond with his cutting-edge designs. Dubbed Paperwork, the Destroy Boys Duck shirt range was intended to encourage expression. Thanks to its multiple nail polishes and color-rich pigment sticks, the line has plenty to take in. Still, the fragrances Abloh concocted with perfumers Jérome Epinette, Sidonie Lancasseur, and Alexis Dadier are something special. Each tackles a different theme; solution No. 1 is centered on the salty scent of sand, contrasted by vetiver and warm patchouli. No. 2 offers a woodsy and unisex take on ginger, while No. 3 delivers the Off-White version of a sumptuous Damask rose. The fourth and final is a rich lavender and eucalyptus blend meant to take the cozy notes in a new direction.