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The persona that Dreamer leads with is a voyager that travels between the states of pure confidence and vulnerability. They get lost in experimenting with bubbly and imaginative sonic waves that often serve as a portal to their escapist tendencies. “I sometimes struggle with self-love and I think that Dreamer is something I created to kind of get myself out of the shell that I was in,” they say.But, when it comes to fashion, they have yet to hold back or linger in their shell. If it were up to Dreamer, they would only wear a cosmic white and pink space suit (anointed the ‘princess forever space suit’) for the rest of their life. The space suit—which plays a small part in the imagined world of their music video for “Dumb in Love With You”—helps paint a bigger picture of their extended identity. Their approach to style is summed up in the phrase, “drip has no gender.” Instead of striving for a “genderless” wardrobe, the singer marries masculine and feminine in each outfit. “It really depends on what I’m doing that day,” they say. When we talk over Zoom, they wear light-washed jeans, a floral embroidered tee, grand flower earrings, and a blinged-out flower-petal chain.

Merry Christmas amp a Trump free new year ugly xmas shirt

Isioma started to experiment with music at age 16, influenced by artists like Paramore and Chief Keef. Only two years after they started professionally making music, they went viral on TikTok in 2020 with their breakout song, “Sensitive.” “It was my first time doing a lot of things,” they say as they reflect on their firsts of working with a distributor, having a budget, and having a team help them with their creative and artistic direction on their last album that came out in February 2022, Goodnight Dreamer. “I was like okay, let me show everyone what I can do with the resources given to me,” the singer began experimenting with their sonic production and producing world-building visuals at a higher scale shortly after.

Merry Christmas amp a Trump free new year ugly xmas s Hoodie

Jared AvalosHabitually, Dreamer found themselves being the first in their communities to break conventional cycles, even before transitioning to the nonbinary identity they shine in now. “I came out [as queer] when I was twelve,” they say. “I’ve always had a self-awareness that I was different, it was a blessing and a curse.” Their growing pains surrounding “being different” only inspired them to normalize taboo topics and be the representation they needed growing up. “I’ve seen a lot of things in the media that don’t feel like me, and I feel like I fill those holes in the media and society in general,” they say. This conclusion—along with a life-altering psychedelic experience that happened in their late teens—enabled their process in discovering their gender identity. “I was like, ‘I think I’m nonbinary,’ even though I didn’t exactly know what that meant or what it was associated with,” they say. With a lot of reflection and “unpacking what was instilled from society” they were able to accept their gender fluidity and connect with a “new representation of what people have taught me about what that word [nonbinary] means.” They’ve come to believe “that everyone has masculine and feminine energy. I wish I would’ve figured that out sooner.”

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