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I think understanding the motives behind it makes it a lot harder to defend. Come on now, the electoral college had nothing to do with large states and small states and was entirely about promoting the interests of slaveholders. It’s like some Americans cannot fathom that all countries have more populated areas too, but it’s irrelevant if everyone’s vote counts.

U.S Submarine force pride runs deep shirt

Maybe there is a reason why more people thought it was not a good idea to have a deranged reality TV host be president. Yeah, the fact an election was decided solely by a disputed result in Florida is far more democratic, right. Anymore questions, ask Zoltar I’m happy to educate the mother queen’s citizens it’s scary how folk are advocating that the least popular candidate should win We are the United States.

U.S Submarine force pride runs deep hoodie

Actually Mike both houses of Congress use all sorts of rules including requiring a Super Majority in many instances. Why doesn’t the House Senate local boards and such use this method. Hc_location=ufiSergio Balsinde a.

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