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As I said, it may not have but it’s logical to suggest the longer you give someone to think about things the more opportunity for things to go bad. Don’t agree with the knee on the neck any cop will tell you that. Seemed to work for the other guy who was asked if he had ID.

Technoblade Death Never Dies shirt

He only calmed down once they put him on the ground, but even then the drugs in his body caught up and caused him a heart attack. I’m curious as to what policy says walk him to another car instead, adding time to the encounter unnecessarily. He was sitting on the sidewalk calmly when that cruiser pulled up, put him in it.

Technoblade Death Never Dies hoodie

What might those be and how have you concluded what they are from what I have said. Even trump isn’t this stupid and that is saying something nice of you to take time away from the anti mask lies you post about elsewhere to come and take a dump here. They were extremely patient and trying to be accomodating of his panic from claustrophobia.

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