Are You Ready for the Return of Long Denim Skirts?

Love it or hate it, 2000s fashion is back — including Juicy Couture sweaters, trucker caps, and bootcut jeans. Bella Hadid just revived another unbelievable trend from the fad: long denim skirts. We are talking about the act of fully covered knee length jeans. Think less of Christina Aguilera’s Dirrty-era, more of Britney at the 2000 MTV VMAs.
Yesterday in New York City, Hadid appeared in her new outfit on the iconic 2000s staple. Her skirt has a few patchwork details and a khaki, rhinestone hemline. It immediately reminds me of the styles Mandy Moore, Eve and Christina Aguilera wore in the 00s — though Hadid’s styling has made it a bit more modern. She offset the heaviness of the dress with a cool, tight tank top and small shoulder bag. Her calf-length boots also enhance the utilitarian feel of the dress and give it a cool, sleek look.
So, are you ready for the return of long denim skirts? Or, like a trucker’s hat, would you store this 2000s relic in the back of your closet? Hadid, at least, offers a chic new way to wear it. Maybe it’s your new fashion challenge for fall. Below, shop 6 similar styles, should you dare.

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