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It happens a lot within geek culture. My last ComicCon I found myself standing next to a 30 something black guy wearing a Bill Nye shirt and his equally Afro-Korean wife who was wearing a Dr Who Matt Shirt while I was wearing a Neil deGrasse Tyson t-shirt. We also appreciated the irony of our shirt choices. It’s meant to make black people feel well don’t feel bad that you were discriminated against by that police officer pulling you over. I was pulled over the other day too Well, that would help if you weren’t a black man in a nice car, versus a white person who was actually doing something that broke the law. NOW If I ask the question, how many white men have predicted they would be pulled over, the comment section would be filled with some stating, well the other day I predicted I would be pulled over and I was.

Merry Yule Happy Solstice Vintage Christmas Goth Holiday Shirt

Okay, that’s fine. You were pulled over once last year. Try getting pulled over several times a month. In some cases, some black men are pulled over nearly every day amounting to harassment. My best friend was pulled over everyday to the point where he had to tell his manager at work to allow him time to be late every day because he was literally pulled over every day. He drove a nice car and the police would tell him We’re going to get you, because they were sure he was a drug dealer. My best friend has three jobs. That’s how he was able to afford it, plus his own body shop. If you were pulled over every day, you’d be suing someone. How many of you have been arrested at your jobs Again, the comment section will be a hot mess of people clamoring to tell me about the time you forgot to pay child support, and then BOOM

Merry Yule Happy Solstice Vintage Christmas Goth Holiday Shirt Hoodie

You may be trying to make that black person feel better so that they don’t feel singled out, BUT THAT’S NOT what the end result is. You’re gaslighting us. You’re telling us that what we are experiencing is not what we’re experiencing because it happens to everyone. I can go on and on with examples and yet the comments will be full of those trying to convince me and others that they are just as discriminated against , maybe more discriminated against than black Americans. I once had someone tell me that racism and discrimination was a look when I told someone I was from Bavaria. I WISH discrimination and racism was just a strange look. But it’s not. It robs you of your dignity. It makes you feel inferior and less than. Yeah, they probably looked at you because they were trying to figure out what part of California you were from instead of thinking, Ah, Germany.

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