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In fact, the strangest part of the experience for me wasn’t procedural, but utterly personal. After so much time away, I was finding the kind of slow, sustained looking that I’d always liked to do quite … taxing. Reading, I could handle: In Making the Met, a celebration of the museum’s 150 years in some 250 key objects, I was intrigued to discover not only when and why a piece had joined the Met’s collection, but also the occasionally unseemly circumstances of its acquisition. (On one early piece of Cypriot sculpture, Head of a Bearded Man: “In 1872, The Met purchased several thousand antiquities amassed by Luigi Palma di Cesnola while he was American consul on the island of Cyprus. He shared most of his contemporaries’ lack of archaeological knowledge and training doubled with a desire to find, buy, sell, and own ancient pieces. By today’s standards, his methods of excavation and restoration are unacceptable.”) But to look at a painting like Ingres’s Joséphine-Éléonore-Marie-Pauline de Galard de Brassac de Béarn, Princesse de Broglie, with its strong, clear coloring and almost invisible brushstrokes, was rather overwhelming. After a cool five months of scrolling and clicking and toggling, I apparently had to retrain by eye to look at works of art in person; the canvas was so intensely beautiful, so exquisitely wrought, that I wasn’t sure where to train my focus. (Did I struggle this much in July, when I poked my head into David Zwirner? I honestly cannot remember.) So, somebody made this? I found myself wondering. Like, by hand? And it’s right here in front of me? All at once, my day had taken something of an existential turn—but what a problem to have. The fix, I realized, was simple enough: I’d just have to keep coming back to the museum.

24th birthday 24 years 1997 man lockdown shirt

Much has been made about the top men not playing the US Open (which launches tomorrow, sans audiences, at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing, Queens—read our overall tournament preview and women’s predictions here): Namely, Roger Federer (still rehabbing a sore knee) and Rafael Nadal (who felt that the pandemic wasn’t yet under control to the extent he felt comfortable traveling and playing). Far less noted: That seven of the world’s top-ten men are playing—along with 90 out of the top 100, and eight former Grand Slam finalists.

24th birthday 24 years 1997 man lockdown Long Sleeve Tee

Does that mean that three-time Open champion (and number-one seed) Novak Djokovic has a quiet and smoothly paved road to another Slam? Honestly: Yes—though in a season this abrupt, all normally held assumptions should really be held suspect. Anything and everything could happen—though the only obstacle to Djokovic at least making his way to the semifinals would seem to be Americans John Isner and Taylor Fritz, both of who wield monster serves … but, stacked up against a player as multifaceted and determined as Djokovic, little else.

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