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For years, I rationalized this behavior by telling myself I didn’t eat dinner at home frequently enough to buy something as indulgent as a saucan or a paring knife. Then the pandemic hit. With dining out a thing of the past and nothing to do but stare into the abyss and contemplate my next meal, I decided it was finally time to invest in the kitchen essentials I’d avoided purchasing for so long.

Cincinnati Bengals Combine Training 2022 Shirt

Like so many others, I spent the first several weeks of quarantine baking increasingly elaborate cakes, breads, coies, and muffins. After several botched attempts to bake a layer cake in a loaf pan, I decided that if I was willing to risk life and limb scouring barren grocery store shelves for flour, I might as well purchase the equipment needed to successfully complete each recipe.

Cincinnati Bengals Combine Training 2022 Shirt Hoodie den

I’ve been using a partially meltablespoon measure for about five years now, meaning it’s possible that everything I’ve baked in that time has contained the incorrect amount of an essential ingredient. Meanwhile, these Kitchenaid measuring spoons are literally Similarly, I’ve been using the same disfigured spatula since I moved to New York in . Four apartments and eight roommates later, I was long overdue for an upgrade.

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