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Following the Official Kim Kardashian Blac Chyna American Models And Socialites T-Shirt moreover I love this deaths of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen and her divorce from Mooney in 1984, Rooke retreated from the scene that made her name, returning to East Sussex to live a significantly quieter life as a veterinary nurse and a breeder of Burmese cats. “Things had become too hectic,” she told The Guardian in 2019. “It sounds really corny, but normality saved my life.” In recent years, she had begun a return to the spotlight with the release of her memoir, Defying Gravity: Jordan’s Story, released in 2019, for which she made a number of public appearances and began granting interviews once again. So too is there set to be a revival of interest in Rooke’s life story with the release of Danny Boyle’s FX miniseries Pistol, a retelling of the Sex Pistols’ rise to notoriety in which Rooke is played by Maisie Williams of Game of Thrones. Among those who paid tribute to her today were Glen Matlock and Boy George, who honored both her fearlessness and her pioneering sense of style. “The world seemed very grey, and I was determined to brighten it up a bit,” she told AnOther magazine in 2017. With her enduring legacy across the worlds of music and fashion, Rooke did just that.

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