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But the growing wave of Spanish disinformation isn’t just a product of big tech’s utter lack of cultural competency and its failure to keep pace in Spanish; it’s also a reflection of the complexity of our identity. When we say we’re not a monolith, that also translates into the way we communicate: Many sources of Spanish disinformation in the U.S. originate in countries like Argentina, El Salvador, and Spain, thousands of miles away from here. Baseless claims made there by influential anti-vaxxers make their way into closed apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, platforms where U.S. Latino users outnumber the general public.

Official drake evangelion 06 gods plan shirt

Conspiracy theories aren’t love letters, but they risk being read the same way generations of Spanish speaking Latinos have communicated across the border for decades: with trust. When distance is your norm, word of mouth becomes your most trusted source. Tech companies like Facebook may have taken some steps to crack down on coronavirus misinformation, but we know they aren’t doing enough, and not nearly enough in foreign languages. But Latinos are used to filling voids, stepping up when institutions have historically failed to protect them or even see them. That’s why Dolores Huerta organized the grape boycott to demand labor rights for farmworkers, it’s why masses of young Chicano students walked out of their classrooms in East L.A. in 1968 to speak up against discrimination, or it’s why Dreamers teach their immigrant parents their rights under the U.S. constitution. It’s why one of the best weapons to combat disinformation in Spanish has always lied among us, inside our neighborhoods, through our trusted community voices.

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That’s where investments must be made. Because, at the end of the day, there’s no stronger love language than our very own words. There are two things you need to know about the French brand Vuarnet, renowned for its eyewear. Firstly: It’s pronounced Vu-ar-net. Secondly: It just announced it is hiring young Parisian designer Boramy Viguier as artistic director. This is interesting for quite a few reasons, but mainly because this is one of those unexpected pairings—huge understatement here—that on closer inspection warrants a resounding thumbs up. I mean, consider this: Vuarnet has long been an icon of French piste glamour; if Alain Delon was a pair of aviator-style sunglasses designed to handle the gleam of a snowy mountaintop, he’d be Vuarnet. Viguier, meanwhile, has gained a following for his street-sportswear pieces, which he elevates with his fantastical/mythical leanings, part video game, part Knights Templar. Put Vuarnet and Viguier together and you get…. Well, you can see from the teaser film yourself, with its James Bondian On Her Majesty’s Secret Service vibe—perhaps not surprising, given Vuarnet is involved in the new Bond, No Time To Die. For every ’60s-ism in the teaser, Viguier counters it with a minimalistic-monastic vibe which he uses for his graphic black technical outerwear and oversized shades. (A selection of his first work will go on sale today at the brand’s website and its New York store.)

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