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Kim’s studio is one of the Official X Gon Give It To Ya Dmx Rest In Peace Trends T-Shirt in contrast I will get this most beautiful I’ve ever worked in. The earth-toned colors set such a chill and cozy vibe. Heidi and I shared a room to get ready. I love that woman. She’s pure effervescent happiness. Oh, and that body of hers is on fire! Still! And I kept stealing food from Heidi’s snack table because she ordered tastier things than I did. I was excited to work with Candice because I’d never worked on set with her before. Whoa, that gorgeous lady is the queen of the back arch. I’d pull a muscle if I tried to mock her back bending moves! Alessandra is frozen in time. She looks the same as when I retired. Actually, I believe she’s even more beautiful. There were two photo setups we all bounced back and forth between. The Skims team is a well-oiled machine; it was all super organized. And they even had a camera on a drone for some overhead shots!!! Then Christian Millan’s beignet truck showed up, and we all grubbed up on those tasty delights. Some of the models didn’t know what beignets were, so I had fun breaking down the whole New Orleans of it all for them. The next morn, my son had those beignets for breakfast! And you know Mama had to steal a bite!

Official X Gon Give It To Ya Dmx Rest In Peace Trends T-Shirt

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