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I’m bracing myself because I do think that we probably will, unfortunately. I think that is the sentiment for a lot of people in the state, and a lot of it will depend on where the Supreme Court lands on taking up the core issue of Roe v. Wade again. But if the court ultimately decides to take away our constitutional right to abortion care, I fear we probably will be seeing more of this.

'Igy6 2022 Shirt

I found out about it on a Friday. I was working with some campaign members, going over our strategy for the next week, and someone asked me, “Have you seen this?” As soon as I did, I was just in shock; I immediately texted a friend who does repro-rights work in Texas, and we were trying to figure out what was going on. As someone who has defended folks through a criminal-defense clinic when I was in law school, I was familiar with the criminal penal code, and I was like, What are we doing? How is this even happening? It was very confusing, and a lot of people were reaching out to me because Starr County is in the district, and they were trying to find counsel for Herrera. I was just trying to connect people as much as possible. I’m glad to see the charges were dropped, but this shouldn’t even have happened in the first place.

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Jessica Cisneros: It’s pretty constant campaign work and has been since March 2, the day that we officially went to a runoff. We did take a few days off after that, but we knew we only had 11 or 12 weeks, so it’s just been go, go, go. We’re really proud and honored to be in the first runoff in the history of our congressional district.

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