Happy Twosday 2022 2nd Grade On Twosday 02-22-2022 Pop It Shirt

 Happy Twosday 2022 2nd Grade On Twosday 02-22-2022 Pop It Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve tee, And Sweater

Happy Twosday 2022 2nd Grade On Twosday 02-22-2022 Pop It Shirt! There was a time when Taiwanese-Malaysian art director and stylist Yii Ooi had a very different vision of his future. “Before fashion, I was a lawyer,” he revealed one evening via Zoom from his apartment in Taipei. “I’ve been doing the pre-law for two years, but I don’t go into it because it’s too boring.” Scrolling through Ooi’s Instagram page (where his bio provocatively writes “Define Ugly”) is to explore a highly saturated fantasy world that’s a bit boring. In one scene, set against a blood-red background, two topless, clothed figures stand among a cluster of sunflowers like doomsday farmers; in another scene, Taiwanese singer-songwriter ØZI defies gravity, crossing a cliff face at a 90-degree angle. No wonder Ooi, 23, draws inspiration from the Surrealists; In all his images, whether for Taiwan Elle, Wonderland, or a musician like Shi Shi, the intertwining cuteness is the order of the times. I was always attracted to beautiful things,” Ooi recounts. “I didn’t really know much about fashion when I was younger.

But I love making things and I love dressing up.” Interesting silhouettes and shades, along with “imperfections and imperfect structural details,” are key elements of his wardrobe now: Ooi counts Virgil Abloh, Happy Twosday 2022 2nd Grade On Twosday 02-22-2022 Pop It Shirt! Alexander McQueen, Rei Kawakubo, and jeweler Alan Crocetti are among his favorite designers. He said: “I usually wear a boxer uniform, a cropped top and wide-leg pants, straight cut every day, but when I meet other people, I am quite adventurous with colors and shapes. “You can see hints of that in my work!” Indeed, Ooi hopes that the scenes he conjures up on set will strike the sweet spot between fantasy and something more restrained. “It’s the kind of thing that’s easy to go extreme or really minimalistic, but it’s hard to strike a balance in between,” he says. For Ooi, as for countless others, the series of lockdowns triggered by the coronavirus pandemic has created both a huge headache and, over time, the opportunity to do things that might otherwise have been missed. never happened to him.