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I had a roomate who did this. He said that he did it because he didn’t believe other people had the right to drive faster than the speed limit and therefore he fine staying in the left lane as long he went as fast as the law allowed. Passing lane is on the right in Australia and nothing shits me more then some moron driving under the speed limit in it. “Misery loves company.” Every person I’ve met who does this, does it solely because they know it pisses off and inconveniences other people. Confession time, my last job I drove a company truck that was limited to 11 over the speed limit. My commute I always had to drive through downtown of my city. The highway has many other highway that intersect. The right 4 lanes get incredibly backed up at each exit. The only lane that has decent flow is the left. Everyday for 2 years I camped in the left lane at exactly 11 over I know I should have merged back after every exit but it was so much easier to camp in the left lane and enjoy my drive to work.

Sedgewick Coat of Arms T-Shirt

I probably need to turn left in the next five miles and I’m afraid you won’t let me over. I’m sorry. I’m not being a bitch, I’m truly sorry if it’s really bothering you but I have anxiety and probably don’t know the area well enough to compensate for a missed turn. I’m the girl doing this. If driving correctly scares you take a fucking Uber and stop being a selfish asshole. This applies to all of you making excuses and justifying left lane cruising. This is bad, but what really pisses me off more are those who stay in the left lane, and then when you try to go pass them on the right, they’ll start speeding up and prevent you from getting in front of them OR once you get in front of them, they immediately pass on the right, cut you off, start brake checking you and then go back to at or below the speed limit. The premise of your complaint is, by and large, flawed. People who bitch about slow drivers in the left lane are generally complaining about cars going 10 or 15 miles over the speed limit when they themselves want to go 20 to 25 miles over the speed limit. If I am going 75 to 80 in a 65 zone, while leaving a reasonable distance between me and the car in front of me, while passing cars to my right, you can get up on my ass and put the high beams of your truck on, but I’m just going to put the filter on my rear view mirror and continue on with my day.

Sedgewick Coat of Arms T-Shirt Hoodie

Or maybe he doesn’t consider himself an American. I know I don’t, even though I was born and raised here. Been considered a criminal for nearly half my life thanks to unfair laws, so I’m more of an Anti-American according to the government. Anyone at all saying it’s okay… you’re an idiot. Follow all traffic signs and signals is driving 101. If it has a sign saying “the left lane is for passing only” (TX) you may not be in that lane and allow anyone to be slowed down by you. That is the move your ass only lane. Because I could be going 95 mph on an 75 mph freeway and someone will still get angry that I won’t let them pass. Some of you are just wreck less, impatient drivers who think that your driving is the best and everyone else is wrong. Come at me. I for one, admit to myself im not the best driver around Yes, the rest of us are wreck less because we’re good drivers. You are a reckless driver because you’d rather be “right” than be a considerate driver.

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