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I’ve also turned toward chopping and cooking and flavors. I have this vegetable patch that I put in in autumn of last year, so that’s where I’m getting all my cabbages, and my leeks—and my elephant garlic! I’m totally finding a sense of calm in all the greenery. Meditation doesn’t really work on me. I get very frustrated that my brain thinks about too many things. So I tend to turn to cook and stir. Last night I made a little kind of one-pot dish just to use all things in the fridge, and it completely calmed me down.”

Nice 2022 Niaa Regional Championship Cross Country T-shirt

Hurn, a British photojournalist who has long documented life in the Welsh village of Tintern, took this image from the window of his stone-walled cottage. “Each morning I indulge myself with posh coffee,” he says in quarantine, “and watch the birds pecking at my bird table.” Marni’s creative director shared the collage above, which he describes as a kind of Marni family portrait. “We’ve collected fragments of the notes, sketches, pictures, and conversations that kept us going over the past few weeks,” Risso says. “On one hand is the pace of the industry, which did not allow us to stop completely. On the other hand, it is a challenge to do things differently.”

Nice 2022 Niaa Regional Championship Cross Country T-s hoodie

“I never thought a dress was a solution to a problem,” Jacobs says, “but I do believe that as long as people are human, they’ll want to dance and they’ll want to get dressed and they’ll want to eat good food and they’ll want to engage in things that give them pleasure. I guess we just have to find a balance, or maybe rethink what all those things mean. But we all should be thinking about how we can change—or what we learned from this experience.”

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