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Let’s face it, the lug sole boot trend is the best thing to happen to fall and winter fashion. Toothy-like rubber soles that can actually withstand inclement weather and city sidewalks now line the bottoms of most of fall’s most stylish boots, and this Ganni pair makes for one of the most practical It items of the cold-weather season—along with puffer coats, balaclavas, and this season’s Prada gloves. Who said fashion couldn’t be functional? Crafted with 50% recycled scraps, the entire boot is actually made of rubber—giving it a utilitarian feel that’s totally weatherproof without compromising its design aesthetic. And what sets these apart from other basic rain booties and Chelsea boots on the market is all in the details. There are classic elastic side-panel details, but the color options are what really give this boot its panache. It’s offered in two-tone colorways and monochrome options—from white to pink—with a contrasting cap toe, heel, and pull-on tabs. It all makes for a great-looking boot you might forget is meant to be stomped and splashed around in. And at $245, these leather boot alternatives feel like a steal. Ahead, a lugged sole boot so good, you’ll want one in every color.

Dostoevsky And The Doors Mashup Shirt

There’s so much to think about when applying for a job, from articulating your skills to what to wear to an interview. The outfit you choose can form a first opinion that counts, and no one knows that better than Vogue editors. Many of us spent hours carefully deliberating what to wear to secure our current gigs. And while each editor’s style is certainly different, there is one universal rule that we cling to when getting dressed for all our appointments: If it makes us feel great, we wear it. Now there are, of course, some boundaries within that statement. A job interview might not be the moment to whip out your favorite Marine Serre bodysuit; actually, any logo-emblazoned pieces or exuberantly flashy designs could overshadow your skills and what you bring to the table. It’s a balancing act of showing off your personality in a polished and refined manner. Before you sit face-to-face with the hiring manager, scroll down for five hero items to consider the next time you find yourself wondering what to wear to an interview. You have the added luxury of staying at home for virtual interviews, but your approach to getting dressed from the waist up still needs to be carefully thought out. Be sure to avoid low necklines that could leave you appearing to be more exposed than you actually are. Classic shirts with interesting details will be your best friend. And, yes, you’ll get bonus points for putting on a pair of trousers and loafers. Even if they aren’t visible on camera, knowing you’re dressed to impress from head to toe will boost your confidence.

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There’s something about a great pair of power pants, from a wide design by Khaite to the straight-leg silhouette by Vince. With a tailored pair of trousers, you won’t have to worry about how you look, that way you can put all your efforts into nailing those interview questions. Even if you’re interviewing for a casual role, never underestimate the power of a great blazer. The wardrobe staple can elevate a simple shirt, dress, or blouse. If you’re looking for a refreshing twist on the classic, Blaze Milano and Tory Burch have interesting designs that are sure to impress. You’ll need a place to store copies of your resume, and a beautifully designed tote bag will get the job done. Upgrade those canvas carryalls with a structured leather sac that matches your polished outfit. If you want to splurge for your interview, the shoe department is undoubtedly the place to do so. Sometimes it’s the first part of your outfit that others notice. Plus, you’ll get plenty of wear out of classics like the Gucci loafers and Manolo Blahnik flats here.

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