6 Beauty Pros Share Their Go-To Products—And Why Makeup Should Be For All

If you’re a beauty fanatic, you know that exploring the world of makeup can be quite an impressive experience. Whether you’re looking for a new concealer, matte powder, or mist, there seem to be a million options for each — who has time to test them all and find the one that works best? Luckily, that’s what beauticians are for.
Vogue reached out to six notable influencers and makeup artists, all of whom are gaining massive followings for their stellar makeup looks. This includes Neon MUA and Robert Welsh — both of whom create colorful eyeshadows that look like no other — and Wayne Goss, who has nearly 4 million followers on YouTube. If you’re a Lil Nas X fan, you might also recognize the work of Anthony H. Nguyen: He’s the rapper’s makeup artist, and has created many of his memorable red carpet videos and photos ( like this graphic pad for “Montero” video). Meanwhile, Shantanu Dhope – whose Instagram tagline is “Brown boys wear makeup” – also creates eye-catching beauty that blends with his Desi culture.
More than simply creating mesmerizing looks, these experts prove that makeup really is for everyone – whether female, male or extraordinary. For example, Dhope said he prides himself on wearing makeup because “I feel like we don’t have enough representation of brown skin in the beauty industry, especially brown-skinned men wearing makeup. In India, boys wearing makeup is still a very new concept, and many consider it taboo.” Goss also especially encourages new men to experiment with makeup and have fun with it. “When it comes to makeup, most men tend to want to enhance their look without anyone knowing what they’re wearing,” says Goss. His tips for achieving the perfect beginner look? “Make sure you apply ‘little’ and avoid applying too much. As simple as beautiful. And never be afraid to blush – healthy skin has a bit of color too. “
Midas Cosmetics x Neon Face PaletteMUA Dusk to Dawn
Call me biased, but my palette collection with Midas Cosmetics is something everyone needs in their kit. These palettes are pigmented, buttery, and most importantly, they have a range. My focus in creating this collection was to make sure that effective contours and powders are accessible to everyone, whether you’re fair and need products that aren’t orange, or if you’re rich and tired of not having access to the contours and powders that really show on your skin.
Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Setting Powder
This is a recent must-have for me. I like this powder because it’s really transparent. The All Nighter collection is known for being waterproof and keeping your makeup on for hours, so it’s finally possible to have a sweat-wicking and shiny product that’s also a true matte finish. is a gift from the makeup gods.

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

I will always love NARS foundations because they have such a wide range of shades and undertones, plus their formula is always top-tier. Out of all of the NARS foundations, this is the one that I always find myself reaching for, because it offers a nice amount of coverage without looking cakey, while also giving you the natural, healthy glow that everyone wants.

Lunar Beauty Strawberry Apricot Palette
Image may contain: Texture
MannyMUA is in my honest opinion one of the most impressively influential brands in the beauty industry, because he is not afraid to play with colors and concepts. All of his palettes are really impressive (especially his revamped Life’s A Drag Facelift palette), but if there’s one palette that I would take as well, it’s the Strawberry Dream palette. . Red and blue are some of the hardest colors to work with in terms of shadows, but these shades are very pigmented and blend like a dream. Everyone needs this palette.

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