14 Lip Treatments That Work So Much Harder Than Traditional Balms

There is no shortage of moisturizing lipsticks out there. But today’s lip treatments go beyond simple hydration, offering many benefits beyond just making lips less dry. Whether overnight masks, supercharged serums or enhanced lip gloss, these multi-action formulas are as if your standard lip products were bitten by a radioactive spider – in other words, they have so much to offer. many ability to beautify lips.
Some prevent signs of aging with retinol, while others have a firming and plumping effect thanks to peptides. There are also ones that contain antioxidants, margarine, hyaluronic acid, and all the other well-known skin care ingredients you can think of. In the collection below, we’ve selected a variety of lip treatments for every taste and concern. Click through to see (and shop!) All.

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